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I have been lucky enough to be part of some prestigious competitions with some super amazing people, who have taught me a lot about development and life in general! Here are some of my proudest ones.


Open Source ❤️

Google Summer of Code '23

The Palisadoes Foundation

Worked on the Improved Event Management project, which involved developing the backend API in GraphQL and the frontend web UI in React to provide support for management of events, tasks, and volunteers.

Code With Cisco '23

National Finalist

Went to the Banglore Campus of Cisco to participate in a 24 hour hackathon, building a game called CyberChef which helps to promote awareness about cyber security attacks on hand held devices.

Secretary, COPS IIT BHU

A dream come true

Was chosen in the leadership role of the Secratary of the Club of Programmers, and was tasked with carrying forward the rich legacy of the same. Perhaps one of the proudest moments I ever witnessed across this year.


Upcoming SWE Intern

Took part in the on-campus Internship drive and got offered a SWE internship in the reputed HFT Quadeye in Week 1, Day 0, which I hearitily accepted. Looking forward to working with them next summer!


Student Collaborator

Worked along with Avijit Thawani to present a demo of using OpenAI and related AI technologies to create a chat bot that can integrate with the exisiting Automicle APIs to cerate a more natural parking booking experience.


A Wild Ride 🚀

Inter IIT Tech Meet 11.0

Gold Medalist

First position among all IITs in the high prep Grow Simplee event (ML and development based problem statement). Worked on developing a genetic algorithm-based route planner and optimizer for last-mile operations in Rust. Also developed a Web UI for simulation of the deliveries by the riders in Next.js using Google Maps SDK.

Technex '23

Tech Executive

Contributed to the successful development, deployment, and maintenance of the official Technex '23 website. Ensured performant backend transactions, along with a keen check on SEO and accessibility for the frontend.


My first year at IIT Varanasi 🏫

Uber HackTag 2.0

National Finalist

Was a part of the Top 10 National Finalists in a pool of 34K students in Uber Hacktag 2.0. I worked on developing a solution that can help Uber get the next billion users in the next decade.


My first hackathon and CTF

Participated in COPS Week (an annual intra-college competition only for the freshers of IIT Varanasi) and won the first position in two events: DebugIT (A week-long hackathon) and Wannahack (A 24-hour Capture The Flag).